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Enfield Learning Trust

Religious Education


  • Our Religious Education curriculum aims to prepare pupils to thrive in a multi-cultural world which is rich in faiths and beliefs.
  • The intent is for all pupils to learn from and about religion, so that they can understand the world around them.
  • Through our enquiry based learning, pupils develop their knowledge of the world faiths, and their understanding and awareness of the beliefs, values and traditions of other individuals, societies, communities and cultures.
  • We encourage our pupils to ask questions about the world and to reflect on their own beliefs, values and experiences. 
  • The curriculum is further enhanced by educational visits to places of worship within our local community.  



  • We use ‘Discovery RE’ to support the planning and delivery of an engaging curriculum.
  • Teachers use an enquiry approach to explore six of the world’s principal religions.
  • Pupils participate in a weekly lesson which focuses on subject knowledge, critical/evaluative thinking and personal spiritual development.  
  • Lessons build on prior learning and knowledge and skills are developed year on year.



  • Pupils will have a stronger awareness of the world around them and will be mindful of the beliefs of others.
  • Enjoyment of the RE curriculum will promote creativity, achievement, confidence and inquisitive minds.
  • Pupils will feel they are valued as individuals and that their beliefs are valued and celebrated.
  • We aim to ensure pupils feel safe to learn new things and share their beliefs with others in an accepting environment.