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Enfield Learning Trust

New Southgate Quests

Please find below a list of all the class Learning Quests for this half term (Spring 2).

More information about each Quest can be downloaded below. 

Willow Nursery   
Laurel Class Animal World
Magnolia Class Animal World
Rowan Class Let's Explore!
Spruce Class Let's Explore!
Maple Class Sensational Safari!
Oak Class Spectacular Safari Fun!
Hazel Class Solid As A Rock
Holly Class Let's Do The Time Warp Again! 
Elm Class Angry Earth
Chestnut Class Extreme Earthquakes
Cherry Class Unda Da River
Cedar Class Rapid Rivers
Mulberry Class What Has Four Eyes But Cannot See?
Ash Class Band of Brothers
Beech Class We'll Fight Them On The 'Beech'
Apple Class Antarctic Ice Explorers