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Enfield Learning Trust



  • Our intention is to design and teach a carefully-planned Maths curriculum that is accessible to all pupils.
  • We provide engaging learning experiences to support pupils to master the knowledge required for fluency, reasoning and solving routine and non-routine problems, with increased sophistication to their learning.
  • We ensure that pupils are provided with opportunities to consolidate their understanding through teacher modelling, guided practice and independent activities to secure a strong understanding of key Mathematical concepts.
  • Our aim is to ensure all pupils grasp concepts at their own pace and for teaching to facilitate this. Where pupils rapidly grasp concepts, our curriculum provides challenge through a range of complex problems and further opportunities to develop these skills.
  • Exposure to the language of Mathematics is a key area within the curriculum to support children’s explanations, reasons and justifications, enabling them to make connections across a range of concepts and apply these to everyday life in school and beyond.
  • Crucially, our Maths curriculum develops children’s financial literacy, enables the growth of critical scientists confident with technology use and active citizens making positive contributions to society.



  • Pupils participate in daily Maths lessons, alongside other activities such as arithmetic lessons.
  • Teachers use and adapt the Enfield LA termly overviews to ensure lessons across year groups show progression.
  • The curriculum is engaging and focused on fluency, Mathematical thinking, use of representations, variation and coherence.
  • Our innovative use of ICT supports the learning of multiplication tables and promotes increased engagement both at school and at home.
  • We promote a culture of Mathematics by holding fun Maths events across year groups such as ‘Relay Arithmetic’ and ‘Speed Reasoning’.
  • We provide opportunities for pupils to engage in enrichment Maths workshops during and after school. This is an inclusive approach which endeavours to encourage personal development and wellbeing.



  • Our curriculum encourages pupils to be successful and ambitious learners who strive to develop their Mathematical thinking and knowledge. This creates a culture of enthusiastic Mathematical thinkers who are determined to succeed.
  • Our impact is therefore, to build an appreciation of Maths, and for pupils to understand just how valuable a subject it is to both school and the wider world.
  • Planned and regular feedback for learning opportunities are undertaken. 
  • Subject monitoring, including book looks and learning walks, are carried out by the senior leadership team.
  • CPD is planned to ensure that teacher pedagogy and assessment is secure.


Please find available for download the Maths Primary National Curriculum.